FlokiFork Army, gather for the Flippening

The saga unfolds as we embark on a legendary quest to surpass the realms of other projects, one conquest at a time. Our first battle cry rings out against $PORK—'tis the hour to wield $FORK with valor and might. Let every purchase be a thunderous strike that swells our coffers and elevates our dominion.

As we triumph in this initial foray, our sights are set on grander foes. Next, we shall set the seas aflame in our pursuit to eclipse Floki. But let not our ambitions wane, for our eyes gleam with the ultimate prize—the dethroning of DOGE itself, to ascend into the hallowed halls of Valhalla.

Gather, brethren, for the flippening beckons! Each contribution a step towards immortality. Onwards, to glory and beyond, as we carve our destiny with the might of FlokiFork!

Buy $FORK, Kill $PORK

Our Army Leaders - Season 1

Rank Address Net ETH Holdings
10x9b82cce5a96a843a05f49478300bd103723d788516.33 ETH
20x0c26ce737c1d7f4761e6afbe256cc39310cfed1b13.00 ETH
30xf2192399c65a6489d9ee16d1e5c174d9ad5f8d7a12.48 ETH
40x46a43636fa68f694d0981c7a555e33425433e14010.00 ETH
50xd3f707cb0cf52a9da12458689c8ac94b9fcac1a67.81 ETH
60x24b0ba300aafba61375a30dee8843240501a644c6.50 ETH
70xf58eefcfc4e7c74f34494bbcbfb2e8962825d0b46.28 ETH
80xd7dd5dc211ee292bfa2d0832a151eb1942dec1886.21 ETH
90x044e9bd003f8c986fbc8e11b10aba1e3c3f734755.76 ETH
100xefcf4465e121daf10bdc94cc80bb03e1c236bc995.50 ETH
110xf02cc7de1f496fb289f4092df331e63246919f2e5.44 ETH
120x069e1abd6ff7b233c9eef8ba1feef96385a26f6e5.30 ETH
130xcb677db5d67601ca5cb4f6afc3353b13f39048ea5.10 ETH
140xd72636ba6edfb9beff6bd9a5d020f7e459d15ce15.00 ETH
150xf963296c540462d49dc8672315a548726da030325.00 ETH
160xd0634b0f0a33c5feda5f3ea2edeee0b67e10f3c84.92 ETH
170x36cc131ca12a9d78bc287dcecb97261d2adbf3944.77 ETH
180xcf40394441fbf6e9af9f207f4d4aee7d6bedcd714.32 ETH
190x64e90d1e3ed21a61a0efded1d156fef3b1f3dd204.20 ETH
200x17bc55276d07e506851fe0f1d1597f7f0b875eb14.00 ETH