We will tell the tale of FlokiFork and how he and his Pink Vikings community conquered all challenges before them. The Pink Viking dog FlokiFork has faced perilous storms of TAXED TOKENS, FUD, rugs, $PORKs and attacks of those who want to discredit him. But he stands victorious.

This Pink Viking dog FlokiFork — Elon Musk’s very own Pink Shiba Inu — and his Pink Viking crew faced challenges ever since they set sail. The FIRST challenge they faced was the taxed token $FLOKI designed by a rogue developer who had snuck onto the project, and on Fork’s ship and wanted to TAX a TOKEN, no real MEMETOKEN is taxed. This traitorous developer designed a slow-rug with tax, but The Pink Viking warrior FlokiFork resisted and said NO TO TAXES! FlokiFork's loyal community — the Pink Fork Vikings — protected Fork from the traitor developer. They cast him away from the project and took control - NO MORE TAXED TOKENS YELLED THE PINK VIKING ARMY!!’


Buy $FORK, Kill $PORK

The Flippening


Season 1 progress: 1%


Poloniex Listing

Listed on Poloniex

TooBit Listing

Listed on TooBit by the efforts of one amazing $FORK community member!

CMC Listing

Successfully listed on CoinMarketCap.

CG Listing

Successfully listed on CoinGecko.

Etherscan Updated

Token information updated on Etherscan for transparency.

2k+ on Telegram

Our Telegram community has grown to over 2,000 members.

2k Holders

Achieved a milestone of over 2,000 token holders.

3k+ Followers on X

Our X following has expanded to over 3,000.

Conversion from PORK to FORK

Successfully convinced large wallet holders of PORK to invest in FORK.

PAULY's Investment - link

Notable investment from PAULY, endorsing the potential of FORK.


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FlokiFork Viking Raid Bot v1.0 beta! 🤖

After extensive development, we're proud to unveil our own exclusive raid bot! Say goodbye to glitchy Telegram bot — hello to ultra-fast, no-chat-locking raiding machine!

No chat-locking

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How to buy

1. Summon Your Digital Treasure Chest

First step on this glorious quest: snag yourself a digital treasure chest, also known as a crypto wallet! Metamask is a fine choice, available for free in the mystical lands of App Stores and Google Play Store. Desktop warriors, fear not! You can conjure the Google Chrome extension straight from metamask.io.

2. Gather Some ETH Magic Beans

You'll need some ETH, the magical beans of the crypto realm, to swap for $FORK. If your pouch is empty, fret not! You can buy ETH directly through Metamask, summon it from another wallet, or acquire it from a distant exchange and send it to your wallet.

3. Set Sail to Uniswap

Next, navigate your vessel to Uniswap by entering the mystical portal app.uniswap.org in Google Chrome or through the browser in your Metamask app. Connect your treasure chest, enter the sacred $FORK token address 0x7D225c4cc612E61d26523B099b0718d03152eDEf into Uniswap, choose $FORK, and confirm your destiny. When Metamask asks for a signature, sign it with the flourish of a pirate king.

4. Trade Your ETH for Glorious $FORK

It's time to exchange those ETH magic beans for $FORK. Fear not the taxes, for there are none here—just smooth sailing. However, beware the tumultuous seas of market volatility; you might still need to adjust your slippage to ensure a successful plunder.

Buy $FORK, Kill $PORK


Our project forges a new path in decentralization with $FORK, a token free from team reserves and burnt liquidity, dedicated to utility over memes, ensuring a fair and equitable blockchain economy.

0% TAX

No transaction tax for any operations.

Burnt Liquidity

All initial liquidity provided has been burnt, ensuring no rug pulls.

Fair Launch

Equitable distribution without any pre-sale, making it fair for all participants.

No Team Tokens

The team holds no tokens to ensure a fair and decentralized ownership.


support@flokifork.com 0x7D225c4cc612E61d26523B099b0718d03152eDEf

Telegram X

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